Participate in the Deck of Dreams

How to Participate

The first round of dreams has been completed, and is available to buy here. Send in your dreams for the next Deck of Dreams!

Deck of Dreams: Send in your Dream


To participate in the Deck of Dreams simply send in your dream. Once my imaginary alter ego, Super Jen receives your dream, she will send you further instructions.

With your contribution, Super Jen will keep out of trouble and more importantly, the Deck of Dreams will be an ever growing community project helping to keep dreams alive. It will also give her the opportunity to tinker with creative projects such as Bump to Baby and scribble down thoughts in books like Bipolar Blessing

The Deck of Dreams is an ongoing community project. You are always welcome to join in, I love receiving your dreams. Everything you need to know to participate in the Deck of Dreams is here.

A dream you dream alone is only a dream.
A dream you dream together is a reality
Tick all that apply

Questions about Participating

1Can I submit more than one artwork/dream?
Yes, you may submit as many as you wish. I may choose to publish one or all of your submissions. If your dream does not get published this time there will be opportunities to be published in future expansions.
2Will I still own the rights to my artwork?
Yes, you will own the rights to your artwork and may use if for your own purposes. By sending in your artwork you give me permission to print and sell decks with your artwork included and to use it in any material to promote the Deck of Dreams. For further information consult the conditions on the Consent Form.
3When is the due date?
This is an open community project and currently there is no due date.

The first deck has been completed; and my intention is that there will be more decks. Keep sending in your dreams; artworks will be included as I receive them (Must include Application Form and Consent Form).

4Can I participate if I have no connection to “mental illness”.
Your interpretation of what your personal connection to this issue is up to you. You could be a friend, carer, parent, sibling, professional of someone who has experienced mental health issues.
5Is participation free?
Yes, it is free to send in your dreams to be included in the deck.
6What do I get if I participate?
As a participant, if your dream is printed in the deck you will receive a complimentary copy of the deck when it is published.
7How else can I support this project?
Thanks for your support. You can tell your friends about it; join the fan page buy the Deck of Dreams and give them out as gifts!
8I know someone who … can I pass it on?
Yes, yes and yes! So you know someone who works in the mental health sector? Or experienced a mental health issue? Or is a carer or sibling? Or is passionate about making a difference in mental health? Or … anyone who has been impacted by a mental health issue is welcome to contribute. Kindly pass on this information or direct them to